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Curious about how tomorrow’s environmental leaders are learning their skills? Mosaic is making it happen today!

At Mosaic, we believe environmental education is key to a brighter future for America. Through partnerships with local schools, we inspire the next generation of ecologists, biologists, and engineers to care for our country’s unique ecosystems.

Our dedication to educating the next generation goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to high environmental standards.

Mosaic is held to a higher environmental standard than many of our overseas competitors.

While many foreign phosphate producers operate under minimal environmental regulations, Mosaic adheres to the most stringent standards in the world.

In fact, our operations not only meet but often do better than environmental standards.

That’s why we help prepare tomorrow’s ecologists and engineers — so they are ready to adhere to the highest environmental standards in the world.

Imagine students exploring outdoor classrooms, immersed in hands-on lessons about marine science, biology, and ecosystems. That’s the reality Mosaic creates by investing $450,000 annually in K-12 education in Florida. These funds enrich students’ lives and empower teachers with dynamic environmental programs. Our support reaches vibrant programs like:
  • DeSoto High School Robotics Team
  • Alpha Zeta Pi STEM Scholars Club at Hardee High School.
  • State-of-the-art STEAM labs at West Elementary
  • Field Trips to the Florida Aquarium

Mosaic’s environmental education programs also help high school and college students master essential career skills. Our partners like State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota and Polk State College offer cutting-edge training in fields such as electrical technology, instrumentation, automation, and general mechanics. These programs don’t just equip students with in-demand skills—they strengthen local workforces, preparing the brightest minds for a promising future.

As we look toward 2050, we are prepared to help farmers meet the challenge of growing 70% more food on just 90% of the land. Supporting agricultural research and Ag Youth programs, including FFA and 4-H, is one way we will meet this challenge. These initiatives provide immersive, hands-on experiences, preparing the next generation of farmers to grow the food the world needs.

Did you know? In 2023, Mosaic directed more than $6 million to support programs related to food, water, and local development in Florida. These investments create a robust educational infrastructure for current and future generations, while our commitment to wildlife education through stewardship programs raises public awareness about conservation and the role of reclaimed lands in supporting ecosystems.

Picture this: lands once used to obtain phosphate transformed into public parks and conservation areas. Mosaic’s reclamation projects make this vision a reality. Since 1978, more than 100,000 acres of land have been reclaimed as pasture or wetlands, parks, playground, golf courses and family-friendly greenspace.

Hardee Lakes Park and Alafia River State Park, both on reclaimed land, offer educational facilities, trails, and wildlife habitats that serve as nature’s living classrooms, providing unique opportunities for environmental education and recreation, and reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Mosaic’s environmental education programs in Florida are all about sparking curiosity about phosphate and preparing kids to be future stewards of the environment. We’re not just talking the talk—our high environmental standards put us ahead of many global competitors. We recycle 95% of our water, reclaim every acre we use, and create habitats for native species. Mosaic sets high standards for stewardship, proving that environmental education can make a difference for Florida’s natural places.

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