Mosaic’s phosphate business leads the industry in developing effective methods of returning mined lands to productive uses for both wildlife and people. Our reclamation team, which is comprised of dozens of ecologists, biologists, engineers and other professionals, is responsible for creating fully functioning post-mining landscapes.

Some of West Central Florida’s most popular parks and golf courses are built on reclaimed land. In fact, Hardee Lakes Park is an excellent example of how reclaimed land can be put to good use for an entire community.

Since 1975, the state of Florida has required the phosphate industry to return every acre it mines back to productive use through the process of reclamation.

Today, the land reclamation planning process begins before any phosphate mining. To be approved, these plans must provide very detailed information on specific aspects like vegetative cover and species topography, watersheds and land use. Our reclamation team then designs functioning ecosystems that fully comply with current local, state and national regulatory agencies.

The land that Mosaic has reclaimed also is home to a variety of species including burrowing owls, gopher tortoises, scrub jays and indigo snakes.