Mosaic… We’re: Agronomists

Mosaic is more than a company. It’s a team of highly-skilled and dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds with equally diverse specialties – all working towards one purpose:

We help the world grow the food it needs.

We do this by providing farmers across America and around the world with the crop nutrients needed for bountiful harvests, and safe, abundant and affordable food for everyone.

Our work takes place throughout North America – from Potash mines and manufacturing facilities in Saskatchewan and Carlsbad, New Mexico, to Phosphate mining and manufacturing facilities in Florida and Louisiana.

Potash and Phosphate have a few things in common. They are both natural and concentrated in deposits that are the result of pre-historic life on earth. Recoverable deposits of potash and phosphate are not found everywhere but are limited to several distinct places in the world.


Potash is mined below ground, conveyed to the surface, and processed into important potassium-based crop nutrients.


Phosphate is surface mined and moved to manufacturing facilities where it becomes phosphate-based fertilizer, or is used for other household products ranging from toothpaste to soap. After the phosphate is extracted, every acre of land used is reclaimed – either for future use, agricultural purposes or back to functioning wetlands, streams or other natural habitat.

These operations provide approximately two thirds of the phosphate fertilizer and ____ of the potash fertilizer used by farmers across America.

But we do more than just manufacture critical crop nutrients. Our agronomists work with farmers to help them optimize the use of these products for maximum yield using best practices to protect the environment.

The goal behind all our efforts is simple… Help farmers grow more food, on less land. That’s good for people, and good for the environment.