Mosaic follows strict quality control procedures to help safeguard our area’s water supply.

We continually monitor nearby creeks and rivers through permitted outfalls to make sure we’re in compliance with standards set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).  These NPDES permits are designed to ensure we meet water quality standards established by the state.

We’re committed to making sure any water that leaves our sites meets Florida’s water quality standards.

State and federal laws prohibit the release of water that does not meet the strict water quality standards contained in our NPDES (or outfall) permits.

For example, the Horse Creek Stewardship Program (HCSP), established in 2003, is a highly successful program that provides ongoing monitoring of water quantity and quality at permanent stations along the Horse Creek system, which stretches from Hardee to DeSoto counties. In addition to monthly quality sampling, monitoring activities also include biological sampling three times per year at every station.

Read any of the reports below to discover how we meet Florida’s water quality standards. We take these responsibilities seriously – for our families as well as yours.