Whether driving by one of our worksites or down Main Street in Wauchula, you don’t have to look too far around Hardee County to see Mosaic’s presence. And in these same places or at Hardee High School, where she coaches, you might meet Shauntee Hines. A South Fort Meade employee, you’ll know her by her vibrant spirit and warm smile.

Mosaic is a key player in bolstering Hardee County’s economic development, and Hines is among several Mosaic employees who work where they were raised. Hines proudly declares she is “born, bred, and fed” in Hardee County. But her role extends beyond her work role as a dedicated admin-clerk: Hines is a mom on a mission at work and in her community.

I am Mosaic. I am Hardee.

The mother of two college-aged daughters, also born and raised in Hardee County, and an active community member, Hines says she’s never met a stranger. She enjoys the tight-knit town of Wauchula she calls home, whether having fun at a Main Street event or cheering on the Hardee Wildcats at a Friday Night Lights tailgate. And for the last six years, Shauntee has also embraced one more role in her community as a Mosaic employee.

“I feel such a sense of pride working for Mosaic. No matter where you go in town, Mosaic’s name is everywhere.” Hines stated.

She continued, “I am Mosaic. I am Hardee. And I love working for a company that actually cares about what’s going on with my family and behind the scenes with the people of this community. I see the impact of Mosaic in everything from the high school’s education initiatives to our county’s food relief programs.”

Persistence Pays Off

Hines fell on her share of hard times before her life started to turn around.

She reflected, “I was a young mom who had to put my education on the back burner. I had to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet and support my girls.”

When she began working for Mosaic, however, she gained a better income to support her family, an educational opportunity through Mosaic’s college tuition reimbursement, and the time she desired to be more present for her daughters and community.

While Hines joyfully watches her daughters pursue their higher education goals, she is working alongside them to finish her own studies. Hoping to graduate in May, HInes will complete her degree in Business Administration and desires to use her education to seek promotional opportunities with Mosaic.

“There’s nothing holding me back now. The sky is the limit, because Mosaic provides me endless opportunities. I’m walking out my dreams with my daughters.” Hines said.

Teamwork Makes Hardee County a Greater Community

Hines believes in the importance of giving back to the community. Outside of work, she coaches girls’ volleyball at the local middle and high schools. Hines says she loves motivating, inspiring, and supporting young women.

“When you’re given a platform, you have to use it well, handle it carefully, and recognize your role,” Hines shared.

At work, Hines also seizes any opportunities to step up in community leadership with other Mosaic employees. For example, she recounted when a team of staff members planned to refresh the landscaping at Nu Hope Elder Care Services in Wauchula but realized the resident’s needs were much more dire than gardening.

Hines remembered what she and other Mosaic employees saw.

“When we walked in, we saw only one working bathroom facility and doorways that didn’t accommodate wheelchairs well. The center was run down. They needed so much.”

She continued, “We all knew what we had to do, and I loved that it’s just part of our company’s culture to step up. No one thought twice about taking on the center’s needs beyond what we originally planned. With plumbing and carpentry help, we added more restroom stalls, fixed broken plumbing, widened the doorways, and painted the walls. I was so proud to see how our company helped Nu Hope so that they could serve Hardee County’s elderly.”