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Imagine plunging into the ocean’s depths, where marine life thrives and aquatic mysteries unfold. This is not just a passion for Laura Morris, Superintendent of Permitting and Reclamation Compliance at Mosaic, but a gateway to educating teenagers about the vital importance of preserving our aquatic ecosystem. Through her volunteer work with Scubanauts International, Laura helps engage young “Nauts” in hands-on scientific research, coral reef surveys, water quality monitoring, and SCUBA certification courses.

“Exploring underwater ecosystems with SCUBAnauts isn’t just a passion—it’s an opportunity to engage and educate the next generation on marine conservation,” Laura explains. “Every dive is a chance to make a difference, and Mosaic’s support amplifies this impact.”

This extraordinary initiative is part of Mosaic’s Employee Giving  Program (MEGP). The program matches employees personal donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,000 a year per employee. As part of the $2,000 match cap, employees who volunteer on personal time with qualifying organizations are also eligible to receive volunteer service grants, valued at $20 an hour, which they can then direct back to any qualifying organization.

By supporting our employees in personal volunteer efforts, Mosaic not only fuels the causes our staff care about but also fortifies the company’s commitment to helping our communities thrive.

This backing has empowered Laura and many others to extend their impact far beyond what they could achieve alone.

The MEGP exemplifies the company’s dedication to helping communities thrive by backing local groups that make a difference. It’s a model that echoes across various initiatives supported by Mosaic.

In the realm of youth sports, Mosaic employees Travis McClenithan and Shauntee Hines use their coaching roles to not only teach sportsmanship and physical fitness but to instill life lessons in discipline, teamwork, and resilience among young athletes. The MEGP allows both Travis and Shauntee to convert their hours spent coaching into equipment, uniforms, and gear for their teams.

“Being part of the youth sports community allows me to support young athletes in developing their skills and confidence,” shares Shauntee, a Project Cost Associate at Mosaic. “Thanks to Mosaic, we can extend our reach, ensuring no aspiring athlete is left behind due to a lack of resources.”

Travis has coached youth T-ball, baseball, and softball in Hardee County since 2005, partnering with local businesses and Mosaic contractors to sponsor local teams and develop athletes. Sports had a big impact on Travis growing up, and he hopes to pass on the character and values they instilled in him to the next generation.

“Sports teach our youth about teamwork, resilience, and leadership. I volunteer to coach because I believe in these values,” said Travis, Senior Manager for Operations at Mosaic. “With Mosaic’s matching we provide more than just guidance—we equip our teams with the resources they need to excel.”

Eileen Nutt, a Senior Safety Specialist at Mosaic, has been a dedicated member of the United Way Community Investment Team (CIT) for 20 years. Eileen has served in all impact areas except for Education and has held the roles of Team Chair or Co-chair on several teams. Her involvement includes reviewing applications, budgets, program outcomes, and success stories, conducting site visits, and deliberating on dollar allocations for each program for the next fiscal year.

“I really enjoy being part of this process because the dollars we allocate are contributed by hardworking Mosaic team members within Polk, Hardee, and Highlands counties,” Eileen explains. “The team takes the managing of this money very seriously, and insight into the process makes me confident that the dollars I contribute are being used in the best way possible.”

Through these diverse initiatives, Mosaic’s commitment to transforming employee volunteerism into tangible support for our communities shows that every hour spent volunteering not only fosters community spirit but also fuels the missions of local organizations.

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