As we wind-down 2020, we are reflecting on the 12 things we are MOST grateful for this year, here’s what made the list:   

  1. Our employees 
    Across North America, our employees make it possible for us to deliver the products farmers need for growing season. Despite a global pandemic and complete uprooting of our daily lives – our people have stepped up, remained strong and came to work every day to do their part. We’ve asked so much of them this year, and they delivered.  
    During the uncertainty the world is facing, we know that the people of Florida continue to look to the potash industry and Mosaic employees to aid in our recovery by feeding our local economy by mining potash to help the world grow the food it needs.  
  1. The safety of our people and the environment 
    At Mosaic, zero harm to our people and the environment is always our top priority. This year has come with many challenges, keeping people safe has never been harder, and yet, we’ve continually improved our procedures and protocols to do better. While we still have work to do, we must pause to be grateful for the millions of hours worked safely this year. 
  1. Our global customers 
    Year after year, worldwide producers put in the hard work in fields using our crop nutrients to grow healthy, sustainable crops to feed us all. Without their tireless efforts from dusk till dawn, our plates would sit empty.  
  1. Over a century of mining in Florida 
    For well over a century, the phosphate business has been a major economic driver in Florida. Phosphate remains a leading export; directly employing nearly 3,000 Floridians and supporting thousands of industry-related jobs. We are proud to be able to continue our legacy right here in Florida.  
  1. Our ever resilient and committed community partners  
    At Mosaic, we understand that the sustainability of our business and our communities are strongly linked. We proudly partner with community organizations that are making a difference in the places we call home.  
    This year, we saw our partners step up to support our community ensuring those most vulnerable had the resources they needed when they needed it most.  
  1. Our new partnerships in Florida 
    In October, Mosaic announced the availability of the “Lifting Up Our Communities” grant, a one-time funding opportunity aimed at helping local nonprofit organizations address the needs related to or resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities. We look forward to working with our new Mosaic partners; an expansion brought on by a desire to diversify the reach within our local communities. 
  1. For the support of our employees’ families 
    Many times, during this extraordinary year, the families of our employees gave so much for our people to come to work and do their important job – be it from home or in our facilities. Your sacrifices and support make it possible for our team to shine, and for that, we are grateful.  
  1. The ability to provide access to healthy food for our neighbors  
    Across North America, millions of people face food insecurity each day – and this year alone, more than 54 million people may experience food insecurity due to the ongoing pandemic.  
    Through our annual support of roughly $1.7 million (USD), we helped over 136 food security organizations across North America feed those who need a helping hand in our communities. 
  1. The local businesses that help us do our important work 
    From contractors to suppliers to coffee shops, photographers and print shops in the communities we call home – we aim to support local businesses and spend millions of dollars in the communities. 
  1. The steadfast Florida spirit  
    This year we saw communities come together to support each other during the unprecedented times we continue to face. Across Florida, residents displayed acts of kindness that helped many get through some of our toughest days.   
    The community spirit displayed during our highs and lows is why we are so proud to be part of the fabric of Florida.  
  1. Those who use their voice to support us 
    This month, AG Independence for America launched a nationwide campaign to restore fair competition in the phosphate marketplace. More can and will be done, and we are grateful to everyone who supports a strong, local agriculture industry that can grow and thrive for decades to come. Learn more: 
  1. YOU  
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website and share in our gratitude list. If you’ve been here before, know that your interest and support for what we do and how we do it is appreciated. We hope you’ll continue to check in with us in the new year.