Mosaic’s Commitment to Inclusion

The world trusts us to help it grow the food it needs. Our employees trust us to value their contributions, treat them with fairness and dignity, and enable their growth. Mosaic’s values — integrity, excellence, sustainability and connectivity — bring us together as one organization and form the bedrock of a global commitment to inclusion and diversity. Mosaic recognizes and values individual employees’ similarities and differences. We each have a fundamental obligation to treat every person with respect and to foster a positive workplace culture of inclusion.

Mosaic aspires to be the employer of choice in the communities around the world in which we operate. We purposefully partner, communicate openly with and invest in local and indigenous communities to develop cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with people of all backgrounds, origins and economic status.

We are committed to creating and sustaining a workplace environment defined by mutual respect, collaboration and shared success. Our Code of Conduct and Business ethics explains the standards we are all expected to follow. We must always:

  • Conduct ourselves professionally, showing respect to others.
  • Treat everyone fairly, never discriminating on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, job title or on any other unfair basis. In communities where Mosaic has operations, we strive to follow local and national laws and policies promoting aboriginal and indigenous inclusion in the workforce.
  • Support a workplace where diversity of people and ideas is valued, where frankness is encouraged, and innovation, teamwork and receptiveness to change are rewarded.
  • Respect everyone’s confidentiality and privacy rights.

Our employees are richly diverse in their skills, experiences and backgrounds. From engineers to dragline operators, our team is staffed by people who came to Mosaic not just for a job, but for a career. Our success as one of the world’s leading crop nutrition companies depends on sustaining a safe, respectful and collaborative work environment in which our people can fully contribute their skills, experience and perspectives.

Inclusion at Work

As a global company, Mosaic is focused on building a representative workforce that embraces the opportunities that diversity brings to the workplace and we report on our performance annually in our sustainability report. In support of Mosaic’s vision to become the best crop nutrition company in the world, our Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team has endorsed a total compensation and benefit philosophy to attract, retain and motivate employees who add distinctive value to the company.