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At Mosaic, Every Day is Earth Day

At Mosaic, respecting and protecting the environment is a core value—and Earth Day is the perfect time to come together and appreciate the world we share and the ways we can preserve it.

This Earth Day, we recognize how collaborative conservation efforts truly make a difference for the health and ecological diversity of our world.

At the heart of Mosaic’s environmental efforts is its comprehensive reclamation programs, managed by Reclamation Ecologists like Ashlee Harrison.

“Each year, Mosaic plants thousands of trees, creates wildlife habitat, and reconnects previously isolated areas to form thriving ecosystems,” Harrison explains. “Our holistic approach to reclamation ensures that reclaimed land seamlessly connects with preserved land, restoring historic wildlife corridors across Florida’s heartland.”

In 2022 alone, Mosaic planted approximately 600,000 trees in Florida, reclaiming vast stretches of uplands and wetlands, pivotal habitats for diverse wildlife.

Mosaic’s reclamation efforts extend beyond flora. Our reclamation team includes biologists, ecologists, engineers and skilled technicians. Together, our team has also created more than 70,000 linear feet of streams complete with natural wetland floodplains, significantly enhancing habitat quality and water purity. With plans to add more than 30,000 linear feet of streams over the next year, Mosaic’s efforts offer a blueprint for responsible environmental stewardship.

Collaboration is key to conservation.  That’s why Mosaic has established partnerships with numerous organizations that share our goals to improve environmental stewardship. Our partners include Tampa Bay Watch, The Nature Conservancy, Archbold Biological Station, and Audubon Florida. Together, we pool our expertise to ensure the long-term preservation of critical wildlife habitats across Florida, from its heartland to its coastal regions. A prime example of these collaborative efforts is our work with Audubon Florida at the Alafia Banks Critical Wildlife Area. Nestled in Hillsborough Bay, Alafia Banks is a cluster of small mangrove islands that serve as an essential sanctuary for various bird species, providing vital nesting and resting sites. In a partnership that exemplifies our commitment to collaborative conservation, Mosaic, Audubon Florida, and Port Tampa Bay jointly manage this area. This collaboration highlights our shared dedication to maintaining wildlife habitat, underscoring the power of working together for a common cause.

Over twelve coastal bird species, such as Great Egrets, Brown Pelicans, and striking Roseate Spoonbills find a healthy environment to raise their young.

“Through the Alafia Banks project, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of collaborative conservation efforts to build a more resilient future for our coastal bird populations,” said Mark Rachal, Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries Manager at Audubon Florida. “By integrating concrete wave attenuation devices to form a living shoreline, we’re not only stemming erosion but also enhancing the habitat for a variety of bird species. It’s a prime example of how, with the right partnerships and technology, we can turn the tide for wildlife conservation, ensuring that species such as the Great Egret, Brown Pelican, and Roseate Spoonbill have a safe place to raise their families for generations to come.”

Mosaic’s newest innovative project is to convert phosphogypsum—a normal byproduct of phosphate manufacturing—into useful material.

Productively using PG would reduce waste and help the economy at the same time. PG can be incorporated into road base, helping build vital infrastructure such as roads and bridges. It may also help farmers grow crops and rural communities reforest. This approach not only benefits the economy but also helps the environment.

Utilizing existing PG stockpiles to build infrastructure minimizes the necessity to extract new raw materials, protects our natural resources, and provides a long term solution to government-mandated PG storage in gypstacks.

As we celebrate Earth Day, Mosaic’s collaborative conservation initiatives offer a practical blueprint for ecological preservation. Through comprehensive reclamation efforts, partnerships, and commitment to conservation, Mosaic is not just reclaiming land but actively contributing to the health and diversity of our planet’s ecosystems.

“Our mission goes beyond helping the world grow the food it needs. It is about leaving a positive mark on the world, ensuring that every generation can continue to enjoy the outdoors in Florida and beyond,” said Harrison.

Every step towards a healthier planet counts. Mosaic’s dedication to environmental stewardship is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation, commitment, and collaboration converge. Earth Day is a perfect reminder of our shared journey to a cleaner and greener future, recognizing that it is our combined efforts that truly make a difference.

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