Florida has the most abundant source of phosphate in the United States and provides the majority of phosphate fertilizers used by American farmers. Without this essential crop nutrient, growers won’t be able to produce enough food to feed the world’s growing population. That’s why Mosaic wants to continue its phosphate mining operations in Florida by developing a new mine in DeSoto County.  This does not include a manufacturing facility nor does it include any plans to stack phosphogypsum in DeSoto County.

Strengthening the local community

With new mining operations comes an entirely new revenue stream which county government and local schools can use to invest in additional services for residents. This investment creates a ripple effect for surrounding businesses and philanthropic organizations because we encourage our employees to be an active part of the communities where we operate. After all, this is where we live, work and play, too. Whether it’s attending the rodeo, volunteering at All Faiths Food Bank, or grabbing a bite at a local restaurant, our involvement can be seen and felt throughout Central Florida. That’s why we’re committed to working with residents and county leaders to answer questions related to our future operation.

Continuing to operate responsibly

Commercial fertilizers are responsible for anywhere from 40-60% of crop yields, depending on soil types. Without these important nutrients, the world could not produce enough crops on its arable land to support the global population. We take our role of being a responsible neighbor seriously. That means using less water, planting millions of trees and providing thousands of jobs in Central Florida. This project will help us continue our work, create even more opportunities and help farmers continue to produce the food we all need.