Radiation is not created by phosphate mining. Naturally occurring radiation is found in various concentration levels in virtually all soils as well as minerals.

Any time land is disturbed for any purpose, radiation present in the soils may be redistributed and sometimes can be found closer to the surface. The level of radiation in post-mined lands in Florida is still lower than what is observed in some other parts of Florida and throughout much of the United States. Naturally occurring radiation can be found just about everywhere and in everything. All land emits radiation because of the minerals, like naturally occurring uranium present in the soils.

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has monitored radiation levels on pre- and post-mined lands for nearly 30 years. Their monitoring results indicate radiation levels on post-mined lands are within naturally occurring variations in soils found in Florida.

EPA has found that Floridians are exposed to lower levels of natural background radiation than most Americans and that exposure to man-made radiation sources exceeds the levels from natural sources. Man-made sources include cell phones, cell phone towers, electrical power lines, microwave ovens, and medical tests (X-Rays, and CAT scans) among others.