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Discover How Phosphate from Florida Feeds America and Secures our Future

Picture your dinner table without corn, bread from wheat, fruits, vegetables or other staples of your family’s meal. Hard to picture, right? Thanks to Florida phosphate, you don’t have to. Mosaic’s mission is to help the world grow the food it needs—and that’s exactly what we do.

Mosaic makes nearly half of the phosphate-based crop nutrients used by farmers nationwide, providing fuel for America’s food independence. Every piece of phosphate rock is an essential part of the food security and abundance story.

Phosphate’s journey from Florida to farmlands is a testament to how interconnected our food supply is and how crucial Florida’s role is in this complex web.

Colt McCay, a Supply Chain Manager at Mosaic, works each day to make sure farmers have the phosphate products they need, when they need it.

“America’s farmers grow more food with phosphate than without. In fact, crop yields are 10 to 30 percent higher using phosphate-based crop nutrients,” said McCay, “Our team takes pride in making sure Mosaic’s products flow to farmers so they can put food on our kitchen tables.”

Florida’s phosphate products are shipped to farms across the country. When it “returns” to the Sunshine State in the form of food, the supply chain is complete.

It’s simple: No phosphate, no feast.  The world is counting on Florida phosphate to feed 9 billion people by 2050.

Farmers grow more food with phosphate than without. Crop yields are 10 to 30 percent higher using phosphate-based nutrients, depending on environmental conditions and farming practices.

Indeed, crop nutrients are not a luxury—they’re the bedrock of America’s food independence. In an era where global supply chains face unprecedented challenges from overseas competition and conflict, Mosaic’s crop nutrients help American farmers grow more food on less land.

Phosphate is more than a crop nutrient, it’s an essential ingredient for America’s farmers.

Picture this: Cornfields in Iowa and Nebraska, wheat waves in Kansas, soybeans in Illinois — all yielding strong, bountiful harvests. What’s their secret? Florida phosphate, the unsung hero beneath the soil. Mosaic’s phosphate product is transported using various modes of transportation. Annually, Mosaic’s Supply Chain team moves 460,000 trucks, 305,000 railcards, 1,800 river barges, 500 vessels, and 2,000 containers filled with phosphate products. Much of it travels to America’s heartland, where farmers put it to productive use.

Florida’s phosphate helps power agriculture in the Midwest.

Florida’s essential phosphate products—for which there is simply no substitute—help farmers keep the Sunshine State and America well-fed.
In Florida, Mosaic is not just making crop nutrients; we’re securing America’s food independence. As America enjoys the abundance of food in grocery stores and on their kitchen tables, let’s not overlook the unsung hero beneath our feet that helps America grow: Phosphate from Florida.
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