The first training offered as part of the new learning path for supervisors is on Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Leadership. This training focuses on EHS challenges that supervisors encounter, incident prevention and incident investigation. 

As leaders of our frontline workforce, supervisors at Mosaic’s operations facilities play a critical role in creating and sustaining a safe, environmentally conscious, and productive environment. Thanks to collaboration between these supervisors, operations management and our human resources team – a new comprehensive learning path is now in place to ensure supervisors across our North America operations have access to the tools, training and resources they need to be effective in their roles.

“Based on feedback from our supervisors, our goal was to provide a better and more consistent development approach to support their continued success,” explains Kelly Laufenberg, Talent Management Lead. “To do that, we started by pulling together some of our supervisors and a cross-functional group to identify the most important skills, capabilities and competencies needed to be an effective frontline leader. Then we created a learning path for our supervisors that provides timely, consistent, ongoing development opportunities based on those needs.”

As part of their Environmental, Health and Safely (EHS) Leadership training, supervisors use virtual reality technology to practice identifying and addressing potential hazards.

Supervisors and other employees who ‘step-up’ to fill in for supervisors if needed can start this learning path at any time. It includes in-person and virtual training covering a variety of topics ranging from Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) leadership, communication, accountability, conflict resolution, managing change and problem-solving. Conversations with the supervisor’s People Leader are held on a regular basis to align expectations, discuss needed experience, schedule on-the-job training and ensure application of learning.

“This new learning journey connects operational supervisors across our North America Business while providing them with a consistent experience and development opportunities,” says Kelly. “Our next phase will adapt the learning journey for non-operational leaders in North America, then expand to other geographies.”  

Joe Wolf, Vice President – Concentrates, and Kelly Strong, Vice President – Mining, meet with supervisors at various points along the learning path. 

“Supervisors have one of the toughest, demanding jobs out there. Having technical and operational skills is important, but being able to successfully manage, develop, motivate and empower your people is what it takes to have an engaged group,” says Joe. “And improved engagement typically comes hand-in-hand with improved safety, environmental and operational performance.” 

At a recent session with supervisors, both Joe and Kelly stressed the importance of working safely and responsibly. Kelly told supervisors he knows that at some point they may be faced with a decision about whether or not to take a risk or shut down operations. “What we’re asking you today is to always choose safety – don’t take the risk,” he explained. “We’d much rather have a conversation about catching up on production than about someone not getting home safe at the end of their shift.” 

At Mosaic, we believe in growing our business by growing our people.  

Agriculture is an industry that has driven society’s growth for millennia. No matter what technology-related industries emerge over the years, the world’s population will continue to grow and so will the need for food. Working at Mosaic means you can be part of one of the most innovative industries there is, and you can do so with competitive pay, a safety-centered culture, great benefits and a growing focus on work-life balance. And perhaps most importantly, as an employee at Mosaic, you can rest assured at the end of each day you’re helping the world grow the food it needs. 

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