You’re probably familiar with the fact that much of our food is grown on farmland. But do you know the science behind how farmers produce crops that can feed a growing world? On Season 7 of “Tomorrow’s World Today,” these questions and more get answered during a behind-the-scenes look at the daily work Mosaic does to help the world grow the food it needs.

“Tomorrow’s World Today” is an Emmy-nominated series sharing the latest advances in science, sustainability and technology. Mosaic’s episode premieres May 11 on The Science Channel and highlights the company’s role as a leader in the mining industry.

Mosaic General Managers Jody Hilderman and Ryan Thomas took “Tomorrow’s World Today” field reporter Greg Costantino on in-depth virtual and in-person tours of our facilities in Florida and Canada to explain what happens before, during and after the mining process.

With a global population that is expected to grow to more than 9 billion by 2050, Mosaic’s role in the global food supply is critical. In addition to covering Mosaic’s commitment to sustainability, the episode also showcases how the company promotes agricultural best practices to farmers who use its products.

“The work we do is essential,” said Sarah Fedorchuk, Mosaic Vice President—Public Affairs and Government Relations. “With more than 13,000 employees, we serve customers in more than 40 countries and have implemented 4R Nutrient Stewardship practices on more than 6 million acres in North America. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of this show and explain not only the work we do, but how critical it is to our world in terms of economic impact and fighting food insecurity.”

Cable subscribers who have The Science Channel can watch the episode on-demand. Additionally, the episode can be streamed on Science Channel GO and Discovery+, and viewed via the show’s YouTube channel and website on Monday, May 13.

Watch the episode trailer now.