Physical and Mental Well-Being Are Key to Workplace Safety 

Starting a conversation around psychological wellness isn’t always easy, but it’s essential for safety at home and in the workplace. According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental health conditions are more common than cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

Recognizing the interconnected nature of physical and psychological health, Mosaic’s wellness program takes a comprehensive approach to helping our team foster personal well-being. 

Success Founded on Employee Input, Involvement & Dialogue  

As part of their psychological wellness program, these employees and others at Mosaic’s Riverview facility participate in focus group to ensure they are prioritizing the right initiatives to continue making sustainable, impactful improvements.

The success of Mosaic’s wellness program is founded on our employees’ input, involvement and dialogue. Through ongoing collaboration with our Human Resources and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) teams, we’ve been able to implement and improve our psychological wellness program. 

Improvements at our Riverview facility are a great example of cross-functional teamwork on the site’s wellness program, as employee feedback helped fine-tune and adjust it to better meet employee needs.  

Based on that input, the team has: 



  • Streamlined cross-training for Field Operators and Board Operators  
  • Launched a Training Advisory Committee to involve more team members and reduce implementation time 
  • Offered flexibility with trainers and trainees to encourage positive working relationships 
  • In 2024, all new hires and new people leaders will have psychological wellness training incorporated into their safety training. 

Worker Wellness: ESG Focus Area  

“Implementing worker wellness programs that enhance worker safety and health” is included on Mosaic’s 2025 Environmental, Sustainability and Governance Performance Targets. These targets guide our efforts as we hold ourselves accountable to measurable progress. Read more.