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Behind the Scenes: Where Talent Meets Purpose

During Employee Appreciation Day and Women’s History Month in March, Mosaic celebrates the talented team that is committed to environmental conservation and helps drive our mission to help the world grow the food it needs.

In recognition of the essential role women play in our operations, meet a few of the exceptional women who excel in their roles and encourage the next generation.

Not many companies have ecologists, scientists, economists, logisticians, and skilled technicians working under one roof—or out in the field—but Mosaic does! Sylvia Wiggins has been with Mosaic for 26 years and serves as Senior Manager of Warehouse and Distribution Services. On the front lines of the phosphate product supply chain, Sylvia has firsthand experience working with a team that is dedicated to deliver for American farmers.
“Everyday, our incredibly talented team dedicates themselves to helping Mosaic deliver phosphate products farmers need to feed the country,” said Sylvia. “More than two hundred team members in our supply chain operation move 56 million tons of phosphate products per year. Their commitment and expertise are truly remarkable and a source of great pride for our company.”

Mosaic’s Supply Chain Highlights

In Florida, Mosaic employs more than 3,000 people to make one of the three most important nutrients in agriculture: phosphate products. We’re not only committed to helping crops grow, but to helping our team grow and empowering them to be active in the communities we serve.

Lisa Poissant, Vice President for Human Resources in North America, knows that making Mosaic a great place to work means a dedication to a great workplace.

“We believe Mosaic stands out as a leading crop nutrition company because we harness our talent to drive innovation and empower creativity,” said Lisa. “From agronomists and engineers, and operators to logistics professionals, Mosaic offers dynamic roles while encouraging employees to seek innovations that make it easier for farmers to do their jobs.”

With every generation, the world gets better at protecting the environment. That’s how it works at Mosaic, too. Mosaic’s ecologists are the best in the country. They use innovative environmental technology to restore streams and connect wildlife corridors, helping gopher tortoises burrow, and scrub jays find food. Our ecologists find new ways for the company to recycle water and even generate clean energy, so that every generation does better than the one before.

As we recognize Employee Appreciation Day and Women’s History Month, we are reminded of the invaluable contributions of our jobs that rock, which are essential to delivering for farmers. We’re proud to recognize their efforts and have farmers’ backs.

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