Across Mosaic, we’re bringing together advancements in “next generation” technology to improve inventory management, including the reading and reporting of ore and product stockpiles.

Tonnages are reported and tracked at various steps in our supply chain process. Being able to do so as accurately, efficiently and safely as possible allows us to proactively manage inventories – helping keep the supply chain process flowing smoothly from mine to plant, and eventually to our customers.

Consistent communication and information-sharing is improving best practices and building on Mosaic’s current inventory and logistical model, all while creating a global team for alignment on pilot executions of new technologies.

One example of how we’re using technology to improve our supply chain process can be seen in a pilot underway at our Florida mines.

Inventories of phosphate ore at our Florida mines used to be manually calculated through information gathered once a month by helicopter fly-over. Now, employees are using drones and analytics to make sure that information is available throughout the month to help our operations team meet production targets.

Drones capture photographs of our rock piles from above while flying a back-and-forth flight pattern. The photos are then blended together to generate a 3D visual that can be analyzed to quickly and accurately calculate total volume.

“Using this technology allows us to get more frequent measurements so we know ahead of time if we’re on pace to meet production targets,” said Ben Adams, Engineering Co-Op, who is also a certified Federal Aviation Authority drone pilot. “Rather than waiting for the next fly-over, our operations team has the information they need throughout the month to maximize production and prevent losses.”

Work is currently underway to evaluate other potential uses for this technology across our North America Business.