Trees are not only beautiful, but Earth’s silent and strong pillars play a crucial role in our ecosystems. The planet’s natural filters, trees improve air and water quality by trapping pollutants. They also reduce erosion caused by run-off and natural disasters with their root systems and provide food for people and animals. Beyond their environmental importance, research has shown that green spaces promote our physical and emotional well-being by reducing stress and encouraging us to move.  

It’s easy to see that trees help hold the world in harmony, and Arbor Day reminds us of the significance of trees to our lives and our responsibility to replenish and restore the environment by planting trees. 

What are Arbor Day’s Roots?

A holiday that celebrates conservation efforts, Arbor Day originated in the United States in the mid-19th century through the efforts of J. Sterling Morton, a newspaper editor with an affection for trees. The first Arbor Day celebration resulted in over a million planted trees, and the day is now observed in various countries worldwide. 

How does Tree Planting Help Reclamation Ecology Efforts?

Mosaic is helping the world grow the food it needs by accessing the natural resources that bring farmers abundant crop yields. Our responsibility, however, doesn’t stop at assisting people in growing food but extends to returning mined lands to productive uses for people and animals. 

Tree planting is vital to restoring ecosystems that have been impacted due to mining or other human activities and is a prominent aspect of Mosaic’s reclamation processes. Through reclamation ecology, trees have transformed formerly mined lands into lush green parks with trails, recreation areas, and education centers for families and communities to enjoy. The benefits of tree planting also improve air and water quality, stabilize the land, and promote wildlife biodiversity for a cleaner and greener future.

Our reclamation ecology team comprises ecologists, biologists, engineers, and other professionals dedicated to collaborating with communities and local governments for responsible land reclamation. 

Ashlee Harrison is a Reclamation Ecologist with Mosaic and a lifelong Hardee County, Florida resident. She grew up in an agricultural family and has been part of Mosaic’s restoration efforts in the areas around her family’s home. 

“I am grateful to work every day in a role that not only allows me to demonstrate responsibility to the environment but also to give to the next generation by closing the circle of land use and reclamation,” Harrison stated. 

She added, “The trees I help plant in my work with Mosaic, I do so as an employee but also as a mom to bring back wildlife corridors for my children and their generation to appreciate and enjoy.”

She encourages families to commemorate Arbor Day with a picnic under a tree at a park or in their own backyard to slow down, listen to the birds, and celebrate nature. 

What are Small Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day that Create Great Impacts?

Ecologists and scientists aren’t the only people who can create positive environmental impacts: Everyone can make a difference.  

Arbor Day is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the importance of trees in our lives and take action, big or small, to contribute to their conservation. Encourage your family and neighbors to take part in one of these activities with you:

  1. Take a nature walk. Spend time in nature, whether in a local park, a forest, or a nature reserve. Take a moment to observe the different tree species, appreciate their unique features, and reflect on their importance in the ecosystem.
  2. Create tree-themed crafts. If you want to get your kids involved, create leaf rubbings, tree sketches, or home decor that incorporates nature themes and opens opportunities for conversation and education.
  3. Volunteer for tree planting or community conservation projects. Many communities and organizations hold tree-planting or tree-care events on Arbor Day. You can volunteer your time and join these efforts to connect with nature, meet like-minded individuals, and positively impact the environment.
  4. Care for the trees in your yard. Trees require care and maintenance to thrive and ensure their long-term survival. Arbor Day is an excellent time to assess the health of trees in your area and provide them with necessary care, such as watering, mulching, pruning, or removing invasive species from around the trees. 
  5. Spread the word.: Use social media, blogs, or other platforms to spread the word about Arbor Day and the importance of tree conservation. Share facts, photos, and stories about trees, and encourage others to join the celebration and take action to protect and plant trees in their communities.

Remember, Arbor Day is not just about one day of tree planting but about promoting tree conservation and stewardship throughout the year. By taking action to protect, plant, and care for trees, we can work together to restore and create a healthier environment and a more sustainable future.