At Mosaic, we believe that for our business to thrive in the long-term, we must be good stewards of the natural, human and financial resources we rely upon to execute our mission to help the world grow the food it needs. It is both our responsibility and our opportunity. Mosaic’s 2025 ESG Performance Targets will help guide our efforts with quantifiable targets representing broad ESG (Environment Sustainability and Government) topics. Progress made on the targets can be found in our annual Sustainability Report

Mosaic’s Sustainability Journey 
A critical social mission drives Mosaic: We help the world grow the food it needs. We’re committed to acting responsibly at every step of the mining process—minimizing our impacts and maximizing the value we deliver. Since releasing our first sustainability report in 2011, we continue to lead the global industry in our efforts and commitment to good stewardship.  

Our first set of quantified targets were released in 2015. In 2018, we took another step forward in our journey to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Today, we continue to challenge ourselves to think more broadly about sustainability and stewardship. Our targets challenge us to reach 13 goals that fall under four buckets: People, Environment, Society and Company.  

Our targets keep us accountable and ensure we are continuously improving across our business and in the environments where we operate.  

Our Targets and Why They Matter 

Mosaic is home to an engaged and enthusiastic workforce of over 12,000 people around the globe. Making sure we all go home safely each day is critical, and it starts with our employees coming to work feeling empowered and appreciated. 

We are committed to implementing worker wellness programs that enhance worker safety and health, engage employees in development and opportunities and promote inclusivity. Updating our Commitment to Inclusion and engage employees in its principles by 2021 is just one important step in our journey to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization. Learn more

We work carefully and diligently to maximize efficiencies and minimize our use of energy and natural resources. Our targets to reduce GHG and water use by 20% per tonne of product by 2025 reduce our impacts and improve our use of shared resources. Water is an essential input in our operations and across the agricultural value chain. It is also a critical resource for society, including the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. 

Dedicated Sustainability Teams at each of our operational sites help drive progress in these areas by challenging their colleagues to think differently about using these resources by taking meaningful actions that reduce our usage each day. Learn more

The global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. Experts estimate agricultural productivity will need to increase by 70 percent to feed the planet. Mosaic cares deeply about our communities where we operate – it is also where our employees live, work and raise families.  

In order to make positive contributions around the world, we support our neighbors through corporate and local giving and volunteerism. Employees are empowered to be active contributors to the communities where we operate through unique volunteer and engagement opportunities. We believe that by contributing to meaningful initiatives and programs, we can positively impact our local communities. Learn more. 

Our long-term ability to succeed and deliver results to diverse stakeholders depends on our stewardship of natural, human and financial resources we rely upon to execute our mission. We are committed to sharing the progress made over the next five years through stories, updates and our annual Sustainability Report. Learn more. 

Follow along to learn where we are headed 
From our operations to the greater society we share, and the communities where we live and work, we are committed to making progress, managing risks and maximizing value in areas that matter most. Join us in a continuation of our ESG Performance Video Series as we bring you on our journey to achieving our 2025 ESG Performance Targets by sharing stories that recognize our employees’ progress on our commitments. 



Up next: Meet the Sustainability Leads representing our mining and manufacturing facilities across Mosaic’s North America Business, who are driving progress towards our commitment to reducing fresh water and GHG usage by 20% per tonne of product by 2025.