We’re using less water — and conserving more — than ever before

Can innovation help us conserve more water? Water — it’s Florida’s most precious natural resource. That’s why Mosaic uses innovative techniques to use less of it.

Mosaic’s is committed to sustainably and responsibly using water, and that means getting even better at recycling and reusing it. In 2012, Mosaic and the Southwest Florida Water Management District agreed to a consolidated Integrated Water Use Permit (IWUP) that included voluntary reductions to our permitted water use levels. Our goal? Save even more water and strengthen the aquifer. 

We’re doing more — to use less. Studies show that the Upper Floridan Aquifer has been replenished in recent years, recovering up to sixteen feet of its volume in areas near our operations. Many factors,such as residential and commercial growth, affect aquifer levels. We’re doing our part to contribute to the recovery. Innovative water use practices allow us to recycle 95% of our water, reducing our reliance on  the aquifer. Practices like this enabled us to use just half of our permitted water allowance. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Capturing stormwater to reduce reliance on groundwater. 
  • Recycling partially-treated local municipal wastewater in our operations and reducing wastewater outflows from neighboring residential communities.
  • Improving how we monitor water flow  to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. 
  • Repeating small, meaningful conservation actions everyday, like turning off valves faster and promptly repairing anything that wastes even small amounts of water. 

“Water use at Mosaic is very important and the company has done a great job recognizing its importance and managing water use accordingly,” said Ryan Tickles, Senior Environmental Specialist, Mosaic Florida. “The ultimate goal is to protect the aquifer. To do that, we have to continue innovating and finding new ways to save water.”

What’s next? Our water-use engineers are constantly evaluating new technologies and innovative practices to reduce, reuse and recycle more water. This includes engaging with employees and evaluating innovative conservation ideas and fine-tuning best practices to reach our water conservation target of reducing overall water use 20% by 2025.  

When it comes to water, we are committed to doing more, so we can use less