Oyster reefs are complex ecological systems and home to hundreds of other marine species. They naturally filter pollutants from the surrounding water, resulting in a cleaner, clearer water that supports seagrass growth.  

Coastal Conservation Association of Florida’s (CCA) initiative Turtle Bay Oyster Reef Restoration Monitoring (TBORRM) works to restore coastal oyster reefs in Charlotte Harbor’s Turtle Bay. This month, we announced our new partnership with CCA, which includes over $27,000 in funding towards their TBORRM initiative. The funding supports the organization’s effort to monitor, collect and analyze data from oyster reef restoration. 

“One of the most important components of any habitat restoration project, and often the most overlooked, is the monitoring,” shares Frank Gidus, CCA Florida’s Director of Habitat and Environmental Restoration. “With Mosaics support of a 3-year monitoring plan, we will be able to analyze the progression of various metrics such as oyster height, density and size-frequency on the Turtle Bay Oyster Reef.” 

“Thanks to Mosaic’s support of monitoring the Turtle Bay Oyster Reef, we can gather invaluable data to help assess the progression of the reef and the diversity of marine life it will attract,” adds Frank

Partnering with organizations that address habitat conservation, nutrient stewardship and watershed restoration is an important part of our commitment to reducing our impact and improving our use of shared resources where we operate. This funding is part of Mosaic’s larger commitment to supporting the communities where we operate across North America. On March 22, UN World Water Day, we announced $1.7 million and in-kind support to water-focused initiatives. Read more here.