Mosaic recognizes that prioritizing employees’ psychological wellness directly impacts safety and well-being, as well as job satisfaction and overall workplace environment. That’s why we’ve made improving mental health programs a priority. In fact, Mosaic was recently honored with the Mental Health America Gold Seal for Workplace Mental Health Award.

According to Mental Health America, the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health is a national certification program that “recognizes employers committed to mentally healthy workplaces.” The Bell Seal is awarded at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. This is the first time Mosaic has applied for and received the award.

“Mosaic’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees,” Mosaic Director of Benefits Kim Ramos said. “This includes a strong focus on psychological wellness, including offering free and accessible mental health services, requiring psychological wellness training for all employees and managers to better support their teams, and providing year-round education on mental health awareness and resources.”

Prior to awarding a Bell Seal, Mental Health America completes a full review of a company’s practices and employee experiences. This involves examining the company’s workplace culture and related materials like:

  • wellness surveys
  • employee education about company benefits
  • access to leadership
  • employer-sponsored health care options
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services
  • levels of inclusion and support
  • work-life balance options
  • professional growth and development for employees and
  • showing measurable improvements in employee mental health outcomes.

Mosaic earned the Gold Seal for offering more EAP services to employees and their families at no additional cost and providing faster access to quality care. Also, Mosaic developed a safety training program on psychological wellness now included in the onboarding process. Mosaic’s Employee Inclusion Networks (EINs) also offer a unique way for employees to share parts of their identity, while supporting their psychological wellness.

“Receiving the Mental Health America Gold Seal for Workplace Mental Health Award is a tremendous honor for Mosaic,” Ramos said. “It validates our ongoing efforts to prioritize the well-being of our employees and underscores the importance of mental health in the workplace. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and are motivated to continue our journey toward creating a safe and healthier workplace.”