Safety is a top priority at Mosaic, and Emergency Response Teams are keeping their skills sharp.

Earlier this month, nine Emergency Response Teams (ERT) from Mosaic’s Florida and Louisiana operations, competed at the 5th Annual Surface Mining Response Competition in Tallahassee, Florida. These contests aim to provide real-life scenarios to competitors who may have to address mine emergencies in their work. Their skills and knowledge are put to the test when they are given a timed, hypothetical problem to solve.

Mosaic teams placed across the board in different categories. Alan Lulf, Mosaic General Manager – Florida Mining, was proud of the ongoing continuous improvement efforts demonstrated by team members.

“The ERT program is one of the most important facets of our business,” Lulf said. “These dedicated individuals work hard to develop skills they hope they will never have to use. While we hope for the best, we always must be prepared for the worst, and these teams are an integral part of that.”

Holland Thompson, Director, Health and Safety at Mosaic, agreed.

“We’ve made great progress building U.S. WET engagement and proficiency in the past 2 years,” he said. “Sending nine full teams to the competition shows how strong our program is becoming, and the level of senior leadership support and attendance was phenomenal this year. Congratulations to all of our teams!”

Read more about the winners and teams below.

Meet the Winners

Florida State Champions

The Four Corners team, pictured above, was named the Florida State champions. The team consisted of Mike Castro (Captain), Rob Seaborn (Trainer), Norma Garcia, Chris Mincey, Charles Johnson and Willie Lawrence. Alan Lulf was on hand to join the team as they received their award.

MSHA Regional Finalist Overall Placement

Participating teams were scored on how well they performed in the field and on first aid exercises. They also were required to complete a written exam.

Four Corners, Wingate, Bartow and New Wales placed 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th overall.

The Four Corners team earned 3rd overall.

Wingate placed 4th overall.

The Bartow team placed 5th overall.

New Wales placed 6th overall.

Regional Trainer Award

Safety Coordinator Rob Seaborn earned the Team Trainer Award.

Safety Coordinator Rob Seaborn won the Regional Surface Mining Emergency Response Team Trainer award. To prepare for the competition, Rob made up weekly practice tests and sent them out to team members. He also tried to schedule classes so the whole team could work together, allowing him to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

“When they announced the name for team trainer, I was floored,” Seaborn said. “I couldn’t believe that out of 18 people, I got the high score.”

He also was a member of the winning Florida State Championship team, and was able to celebrate that win with the Four Corners team.

“We were ecstatic that we won and that we beat Wingate, since we have a bit of a rivalry,” Seaborn said. “In our jobs, emergency response preparedness is the main goal. With the showing that Four Corners and Wingate had in Tallahassee, I’d say we got this.”

Blind Knot Tying

Mike Ranson earned the top award for blind knot tying.

1st Overall: Mike Ranson – Wingate

Skiler Hughes placed 2nd overall in blind knot tying.

2nd Overall – Skiler Hughes, Louisiana

First Aid Exercise

1st Place: New Wales

3rd Place: Four Corners

Regional Field Exercise

1st Place: Wingate

Volunteer Award

Eileen Nutt earned the Volunteer Award.

Senior Safety Specialist Eileen Nutt was recognized with the Volunteer Award for her efforts at the competition over the last four years. This year, she helped with cleaning mannequins used in field tests, prepping the suits the “victims” wore, monitored the field competition lockdown area for the national teams and cleaned up after the competition.

“I was surprised and excited to receive the award,” Nutt said. “I enjoy volunteering and this competition is an event I’m proud to be a part of.”

Meet the Teams

Bartow: Terry Carter (Captain), Andrew Sapp (Trainer), Brandon Collins, Sam Moore, Josh Riley, J Aguire, Austin Godwin, Devon Ray, Thomas Burke.

The Bartow team assisting a “victim” in the field exercise.

Four Corners: Mike Castro (Captain), Rob Seaborn (Trainer), Norma Garcia, Chris Mincey, Charles Johnson and Willie Lawrence.

Louisiana: Dakota Bladsacker (Captain), Shane St. Pierre (Trainer), Cody Watts, Blaise Gravois, Brian Bowser, Grant Naquin, Grady Geiger, Austin Cheatwood and Skiler Hughes.

The Louisiana team worked hard on the field.

Mosaic Rescue Divas: In addition to site-specific teams, Mosaic also had an all women team compete. The team consisted of Malinda Leon (Captain), Brandi Kissel (Trainer), Eileen Nutt, Erika Martin, Erika Berrien, Francis Spivey, Quinika Williams, Laneca Goodson, Tammy Scott, Renyetta Chaney and Alma Thomas.

The all-women Mosaic Rescue Divas with Karen Swager – Executive Vice President, Operations and Jody Hilderman, General Manager – Bartow.

South Fort Meade: Kenny Oliver (Captain), Wally Helms (Trainer), Matthew Fite, Billy Gibson, Josh Goodwyn, Taire Bennett, Quinika Williams and Mark Chavis.

Riverview – Team 1: Shawn Kelly (Captain), Nicholas Faratro (Trainer), Jerimy Hunter, Ian Hagan, Walter Creighton and David Villa.

The Riverview team in action.

Riverview – Team 2: Aaron Melton (Captain), Alphonso Hicks, David Villa, Armando Eastman and Jim Burrington.

The Riverview team assisting an injured person in an exercise.

New Wales: Michael McBride (Captain), Dareco McClellan (Trainer), Zachary DeCosta, Michael Harris, Crystal Pearce, Ricky Garland, Shane Rybinski, Roy Franklin and Quinnton Ricks.

Wingate: Calob Cook (Captain); Mike Ranson, Brad Anderson, Aaron Liske, Maylo Hammond and Charles Dwyer.

Congratulations to all who participated. Thank you for keeping our workplace safe!