Earlier this month, the Miski Mayo mine in Peru achieved three years without a Lost-Time Incident (LTI) and accumulated just over 14 million safe work hours.  
“The key factors in accomplishing this milestone were the team’s total commitment to safety being our first priority and a heightened awareness with regards to hazards and mitigation of those hazards,” says Alan Lulf, Vice President – Peru. “We are idled at this time due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the Peru government calling for a temporary idling for a mandatory quarantine, but when we come back online, we’ll strive to continue our safety streak and most importantly, continue pushing the importance of social distancing while at work to protect each other and prevent the risk of spreading of the virus.”  

Mosaic is the majority owner and operating partner of the Miski Mayo phosphate mining company in Peru. The Japanese company, Mitsui, maintains 25 percent ownership of the joint-venture.

Miski Mayo is located in the Sechura desert in Piura, Peru – on the northern coast. It is an open pit mine with a probable reserve base of 247 million ore tonnes (or approximately 100 million concentrate tonnes). Mosaic has been processing rock from Miski Mayo since 2010.

The majority of the rock travels from Miski Mayo via ship through the Panama Canal to our Uncle Sam, Louisiana, facility and a portion of it also to our Central Florida Operations.