March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we’re featuring just a few of the women who work so hard to help Mosaic achieve its mission of helping the world grow the food it needs. Learn more about the women below and follow along on our social media channels to see them featured throughout the month.

Sarah Fedorchuk

Title: Vice President Government and Public Affairs – North America
Year hired: 2009
Previous roles held: Director Public Affairs; Public Affairs Manager
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: Grey Cup win in 2013; getting to take part in trade missions and seeing different parts of the world; working with the rest of the Public Affairs team to accomplish amazing things (too many to count); moving to Florida in 2021.

Veronica Figueroa 

Title: Environmental Engineer Lead in the Environmental Permitting and Compliance Group
Year hired: Co-op student in 2004, 2005 and 2006; 2013 full-time
Previous roles held: Environmental Specialist
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: My favorite memory was when I was a co-op student at the Bartow facility and performed water quality sampling daily by air boat — circa 2004! 

Nikki Foster

Title: Community Investment Manager — Diversity & Inclusion
Year hired: 2015
Previous roles held: Public Affairs Manager
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: There have been many remarkable moments while working at Mosaic, things that I could only have experienced working for this company. Prior to working for Mosaic, I spent 17 years at Citibank working in several positions. Mosaic was a completely different industry. One of my first assignments was to attend the Pasco County Fair, where I had to bid on and purchase students’ projects. I had no idea what it even meant, let alone how to do it. There are so many more experiences like that I’ve had over the years with the company. What is great about it is that every time I had a new experience, I had a colleague that would work with me to get me through it.

Ashlee Harrison

Title: Reclamation Ecologist III
Year hired: I was hired in 2013 and originally came from CF Industries.
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: It’s not a specific memory, but I always enjoy working with my team. Each day is never the same as the one before.

Jody Hilderman

Title: General Manager, Bartow & South Pierce
Year hired: 2009
Previous roles held: Sr. Mgr. Training; Sr. Mgr. Esterhazy Transition; Sr. Mgr. Operations; Mgr. Asset Strategy and Engineering; Superintendent Operations; Superintendent Capital; Project Engineer
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: There are so many amazing people at Mosaic. Because of this, my favorite memory has happened several times over. With each new location I’ve worked at, from Belle Plaine to Esterhazy, Regina, Florida and all the places in between that I’ve visited, I have felt welcomed everywhere I go.

Heather Nedley

Title: Director, Government & Public Affairs
Year hired: 2011
Previous roles: Public Affairs & Community Relations Manager
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: My years working alongside Diana Youmans stand out as the most memorable and impactful. She hired me and mentored me for 7 years, providing a foundation and understanding of the industry. Diana set the bar high and taught me something new every day. She was an incredible role model and helped mold me early in my career.

Brink Oviedo 

Title: Superintendent of Dry Side Production
Year hired: 2012
Previous roles held: Production Coordinator; Production Engineer; Process Engineer
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: Ridding the PAP Bird filter to perform filter profiles, climbing the phosphate rock pile for surveying and defoamer testing with Ya Cheng my first summer in Phosphates.

Giobanie “Gio” Richtfort

Title: Director Finance Business Partner for the Corporate/Administrative Functions
Year hired: 1997 
Previous roles held: Director Finance Operations, NA Group Support and Production Planning
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: I have worked with so many amazing colleagues and sites throughout my 25+ years here at Mosaic that it’s difficult to choose just one favorite memory. I have been fortunate to learn and experience the many different sides of the Phosphate business segment firsthand, and literally get my hands dirty. My most valuable moments at Mosaic continue to be the opportunities where I can support the business in achieving our strategic goals. I can meet colleagues in other departments and locations, as well as represent Mosaic as a Together Manatee board member 2018. Together Manatee is a local organization known for bringing a strong community of leaders to the table who are tasked with helping important projects come to fruition. It was a special honor for me to represent Mosaic and advocate for our community.

Lucy Terrill 

Title: Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
Year hired: 2010
Previous roles held: Financial Analyst; Financial Reporting Lead; Finance Manager, Sr. Manager Investor Relations; Director Strategic Planning and Analysis
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: Leading the Miski Mayo Finance integration into Mosaic as part of the Vale Fertilizantes acquisition in 2017 – 2018. That opportunity allowed me to work across finance connecting all the parts to support the new site in Mosaic’s processes and systems. I also grew as a person, experiencing new cultures and building deep relationships with the teams in Peru and with our joint venture partners in Japan.

Alma Thomas 

Title: Equipment Operator
Year hired: 1973
Previous roles: Several, including Phos. Acid Assistant Operator; Utility Operator in P/A; Maintenance Mechanic Trainee; Tailed Flagman; Sulfur Handler; Material Handler Inspector; Lab Shift Sampler; Field Tech; Dam Inspector; Pit Operator.
Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: Having a Quality Day and going to the corporate office in Minnesota for Quality Days.

Sylvia Wiggins 

Title: Sr. Manager of Warehousing and Distribution Services
Year hired: I started in the fertilizer industry through a summer internship with Cargill Fertilizer in 1997. After completion of my B.S. in Agricultural Business from Florida A&M University, I joined Cargill full-time in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Jan. 23, 1998.
Previous roles: Product Management, Raw Material Procurement and SAP ERP Implementation Team Member

Favorite Mosaic memory/moment: As a people leader in the organization some of the most enjoyable moments is mentoring team members to support their career goals within the organization.

We’re grateful for the contributions of these women and so many more who work hard every day to help the world grow the food it needs. To see what other women across our operations had to say, visit