JB Lewis – Four Corners

JB Lewis has been with Mosaic and predecessor companies for more than 35 years. As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable members of the Four Corners float crew, JB holds a high standard for doing work the safe, right way.

Colleagues say he leads by example, watches out for others and has an impressive work ethic. “JB is big on communication with the heavy equipment operators to ensure everyone knows where they are supposed to be at all times and stay out of hazard areas,” explains James Briscoe, Sr. Manager, Operations. “He also helps train our newer employees – focusing on the right and the safest way to do the job.” Always looking for opportunities for improvement, JB is also a regular contributor of safety and risk reduction ideas and leads by example when it comes to never putting production over safety.

Brooke Wallin, Susan Schmidt & Ryan Nussbaumer – Esterhazy

Brooke Wallin, Susan Schmidt and Ryan Nussbaumer are one of the labour crews at Esterhazy’s K1 site who are responsible for keeping the facility and grounds in tip-top condition. Susan (middle) has been with Mosaic for three years, but Brooke (left) and Ryan (right) just joined the team eight months ago. Together, they are leading the way when it comes to their dedication to completing quality Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA) and proactively identifying and addressing potential hazards. 

“Every day that I audit this crew I find that they all complete one FLHA individually and take the opportunity throughout the day to include changes in condition as their jobs change quite frequently,” explains Brandon Bennett, Safety Specialist. “The team has a very positive attitude and is great to work with. Having employees like them makes our job as a Safety Specialists very rewarding.”  

Dakota Bladsacker – Louisiana Operations

Dakota Bladsacker has only been with Mosaic for nine months, but he brings with him 14 years of safety experience from several port facilities and large industrial projects. Colleagues say his experience and down-to-earth personality help him connect with people on a level that reflects his genuine care for their personal safety. “Dakota inspires others to think and more importantly act with safety in the forefront,” explains Ron Yasurek, GM – Louisiana Operations. “The key is the culture of engagement he creates. His ability to develop emotional involvement and a commitment to safety is special.”

During a recent plant turnaround at Uncle Sam, Dakota led our daily contractor safety meetings and spent each day in the field supporting work activities across the site. His consistent, clear communications and visible field support helped build a positive environment during the outage. We were able to complete the turnaround and a large amount of critical work injury-free.

Jeremy Goodwyn – South Fort Meade

Jeremy Goodwyn has been with Mosaic and predecessor companies for more than 26 years. In his current role as workflow operator at our South Fort Meade facility, Jeremy provides guidance with the lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) and permit process.

Jeremy’s colleagues speak highly of his work ethic and dedication to safety, and he was recently recognized as one of South Fort Meade’s 2022 Employees of the Year. “His willingness to improve the workflow process has been instrumental in coaching new employees, updating our procedures and providing a smoother LOTO process,” said Tim Staton, Safety Specialist. “Jeremy’s leadership, positive attitude and dedication to his job are appreciated by all of us here at South Fort Meade because he helps make sure we get home safely to our families at the end of each shift. There’s nothing more important than that.”

Eileen Nutt – New Wales

Eileen Nutt has been with Mosaic close to 28 years, spending the last 15 years as a Safety Specialist – identifying, tracking and managing safety and environmental risk reduction projects that help us deliver on our commitment to safe, responsible operations.

Colleagues say Eileen is a genuinely good person and sets new standards as an employee. Outside of work, Eileen donates her time and support to various community organizations – including the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Office. At work, she is respected as a valuable and knowledgeable team player. “In safety, no one can know all things, but if there were ever a person that would stand a chance, it would be Eileen,” says Michael Rangel, Safety Specialist. “When all avenues have been exhausted and time is slipping away, the call is made. Hey Eileen, do have a few minutes? Generally, you are left feeling two ways – thankful for having Eileen as a resource and amazed at how she can compartmentalize so much information. The great ones truly make it look easy.”

Jeremy Childress & Rachel Garcia – Carlsbad

Jeremy Childress and Rachel Garcia are instrumental in their respective roles. Their journey with Mosaic began years ago, with Jeremy joining the cleanup crew in 2007 and Rachel assuming the position of cafeteria cook in 2004. Today, as Safety Coordinators at Mosaic’s Carlsbad facility, their vast experience and unwavering commitment have become invaluable in fostering strong connections with their colleagues. They undertake a wide range of responsibilities – including employee training, safety inspections, audits, and participating in emergency response drills.

Corey Broach, Sr. Safety Specialist, acknowledges the significant contributions of Jeremy and Rachel. “They have played a crucial role in building trust and representing the voices of our employees,” he shares. “This trust is particularly essential in motivating others to identify potential hazards, report near-misses, and voice opportunities to enhance our safety performance and ensure the well-being of our workforce. Undoubtedly, they are an exceptional asset to our team.”