Earlier this year, Mosaic donated $10,000 to Hardee Help Center in Wauchula, Florida, to replenish the nonprofit’s storm relief fund. Hardee Help Center is dedicated to helping families in crisis, including those affected by natural disasters. After a 2022 season that saw devastating storms like Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Hardee Help Center’s storm relief fund was reduced to almost nothing.  

Mosaic replenished Hardee Help Center’s storm relief fund in advance of this year’s storm season.

Hurricane Ian caused the Peace River, which runs directly through Hardee County, to overflow and cause significant flooding. Many residents lost their homes and needed basics like food, water and shelter to survive. That’s when resources like the Hardee Help Center’s storm relief fund become crucial in addressing immediate needs. Within the first three days following Hurricane Ian, Hardee Help Center cooked and provided meals to more than 1,000 people.  

Mosaic’s donation is making it possible for them to do that and more again.  

“We’ve been a longtime community partner of Hardee Help Center and know how much residents rely on services like these following natural disasters,” said Mosaic Public Affairs Manager Morgan Odum. “We’re honored to replenish their storm relief fund so they can continue taking care of the residents of Hardee County.”