Safety is a top priority at Mosaic, and it doesn’t stop with employees. Our contractors are also committed to safety when they complete work at our sites throughout Florida. On April 11, Mosaic hosted the Contractor Safety Awards to recognize our contractors who have gone above and beyond.

Contractor Safety Awards are presented to contractors in three categories: Safety Excellence, Workhorse Safety and Safety Leadership.

Safety Excellence Award

The Safety Excellence Award is presented to contractors with a minimum of 2,000 hours worked over the previous year with a <.43 Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (RIFR).

A total of 128 contractors with more than 4.3 million combined hours received the Safety Excellence Award.

Workhorse Safety Award

As the name implies, the Workhorse Safety award is presented to contractors who have put in significant hours as a Mosaic contractor: 100,000 or more! Like the Safety Excellence Award, these contractors also have no recordable injuries.

Eleven contractors received the Workhorse Safety Award with more than 2.4 million combined hours.

Safety Leadership Award

Finally, three contractors received the coveted Safety Leadership Award. To earn this recognition, contractors must submit a Risk Register Project for consideration that either reduces a safety or environmental risk or progresses sustainability goals. The project must be implemented effectively, and documentation must be completed at every step of the process.

Caption: Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, Moretrench Industrial, Inc. and SurvTech Solutions, Inc. received the Safety Leadership Award in Florida.

The Safety Leadership Award was presented to:

  • Evoqua Water Technologies LLC
  • Moretrench Industrial, Inc.
  • SurvTech Solutions, Inc.

“We appreciate the hard work of our contractors and their diligence to working safely,” said Holland Thompson, Director, Health and Safety at Mosaic. “At the end of the day, we want contractors and employees getting home safely to their families. We’re grateful to these contractors for doing their part to keep our industry safe.”

Congratulations to all the recipients! For a full list of winners, click here.