It’s been another successful fair season across Central Florida for Mosaic. We were proud to support youth in agriculture in our operating area by purchasing steer and swine livestock projects. In total, Mosaic donated nearly 10,000 pounds of meat to local food partners and organizations across seven counties.

Additionally, Mosaic made 1,175 add-ons, which are awarded to students to help offset the cost that goes into raising their livestock projects.

Organizations that received either meat or monetary donations from the steer and swine sales included:

Charlotte County

DeSoto County

Hardee County

Highlands County

Hillsborough County

Manatee County

Polk County

Mosaic’s involvement is led by the public affairs team, who receive buyer letters from students prior to the sale. Representatives from the public affairs team then attend local fairs and place bids on students’ projects.

Fair season is extra special for Morgan Odum – Public Affairs Manager at Mosaic, who was a former 4-H and FFA student. In fact, Mosaic bought Morgan’s pig when she was showing livestock in 4-H. Learn more about her experience and why she loves this opportunity to give back by watching the video below:

Choosing which projects to bid on is no small feat. The public affairs team receives hundreds of buyer letters from students participating in sales at the Polk County Youth Fair, Hardee County Fair, Charlotte County Fair, Highlands County Fair, Florida Strawberry Festival, DeSoto County Fair, Manatee County Fair and the Central Florida Youth in Agriculture Showcase. After reviewing buyer letters, the public affairs team shows up to each sale to bid on students’ projects.

It’s a busy season, but one the team thoroughly enjoys. Mosaic’s support for youth programs in agriculture reflects the company’s dedication to helping the world grow the food it needs by empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators in agriculture. With a global population that’s expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, educating the next generation about food and farming is a top priority.

“When we buy a steer or a swine, we’re supporting students, but we’re also doing more than that,” said Heather Nedley, Director – Public and Government Affairs at Mosaic. “We’re reinforcing the hard work they’ve done and instilling those agricultural principles. And we’re reminding them that they’re helping make a difference when their project is then donated to feed those in need.”

Students and their parents recognize it too. Travis McClenithan – Senior Manager, Operations at Mosaic’s Four Corners facility, had a great experience watching Mosaic purchase his daughter Sloane’s swine during her first livestock sale at the Hardee County Fair.

“It’s great to work for a local company that can support the local community and show community involvement this way. It’s another small way we’re helping to feed the world.”

Heather Nedley, Director – Public and Government Affairs and Morgan Odum, Public Affairs Manager with Sloane McClenithan (center) after purchasing her swine.

Travis McClenithan with his daughter, Sloane, prior to the swine sale at the Hardee County Fair.











This season, Mosaic purchased 12 steers and 27 swine, supporting nearly 40 student projects before add-ons. Take a look at the gallery below to see more scenes from this year. Congratulations to all the 4H and FFA students on their successful livestock projects!